Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Organized Makeup Drawer!

For years, I had several plastic dividers in my makeup drawer.  Each separate container was suppose to house all the categories of my makeup.  One container was for eyeshadows, another for lipsticks, and so on.   Well, this method never really worked for me because I never put anything back where it was suppose to go, and my drawer would end up a jumbled mess. Then one day while on vacation, it hit me.  Why not store my makeup the way I do while on vacation-in a makeup bag!  I have not turned back since!  The bag I had been using was great because it had a lot of room for my makeup and had a separate zipper area for my brushes (a must for me), but it was too tall to fit into my makeup drawer.  Since it would not fit, it had been living on my countertop.  Then, last week, I found this makeup bag from Target...
...I love it because it fits all my makeup, has a separate zipper for my brushes, is washable
...and (the best part) it is thin enough to fit into my makeup drawer!!! Yay!
Lets take a look!  This is my makeup drawer.  
I still had the plastic dividers in the drawer holding random items.  I decided to take them out and clean the drawer. The white thing to the left, is a child lock-I don't want lipstick smeared on all the walls haha!
I wanted to make the drawer a little more attractive, so I decided to line it with some Con-Tact paper.
My two sweet assistants helping me measure the drawer. 

Then, we cut the Con-Tact paper...
...and pealed it apart.  

I think it looks better already! 
A look inside my makeup bag.  
My makeup bag is now off the countertop and in the drawer!  I could not be more happy! Plus, I can easily move my makeup when needed.  This makes packing time easier too! 
It all fits nicely in my drawer and I can easily see everything-which will save me  a lot time when getting ready!  I am a happy girl!  Small changes, can make a big difference!  

 There you have it, a smart and simple way to organize makeup!  Would love to hear from you!  How do you organize your makeup!

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