Friday, July 13, 2012

Schoolwork File Box!

Part: 3

This summer, I am in the process of organizing a Homework Zone for my oldest who is starting kindergarten!  You can read about part: 1 and part:2 here and here!

Papers, papers and more papers!  My children haven't even started grade school yet, and we already have a paper situation.  My children come home from preschool, church, etc. with oodles and oodles of beautiful masterpieces that they are oh so proud of.   We display their artwork on their individual bulletin boards for a little while, but then, what to do with all of their favorite masterpieces after that?!? 

I found the perfect solution over at Jen's blog at iheartorganizing!  If you haven't checked out her blog-you should!  It is amazing!  She has some awesome organizing ideas!

I purchased theses file boxes through amazon, however, you can purchase file boxes similar to these from many office supply stores.  I bought one for each one of my children in a different color.  

I bought a couple of boxes of hanging files... 

Also, a box of these file folders...

Then, in  Pages, I created these labels!

Next, I placed the labels on the file folders, and then just placed them inside of the hanging files like this!

Lastly, I printed off Jen's cover sheet that you can find here: SchoolPaperworkDoc.pdf  I glued my children's pictures on the coversheet and filled in their information.  Then, I just placed one cover sheet in the front of each file. This year, my oldest had a class picture taken with all of his classmates, so I also placed the 8x10 picture in his file!  This will also be a great place to store report cards and any awards or keepsakes of theirs!

And look!  There is plenty of space to to grow! That makes this proud mom very happy!

I am very excited about our new schoolwork file boxes!  There is plenty of room to store all their hard earned work!  It will make preserving their schoolwork so much easier!  I hope that these boxes will be something my children and I will be able to cherish for years to come!

There you have it,  a smart and simple solution to organizing schoolwork!

Would love to hear from you!  How do you organize your children's schoolwork?

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  1. This is great Teresa! So organized and it looks beautiful too :)

    I'm awarding you the Sunshine Award. You can read about it here:

    Congratulations and have a great weekend!

  2. Hilda,

    Thank you so very much! This is very exciting!!!


  3. I just think these files are beautiful! I first saw them over at iheartorganizing. I just can't figure out exactly how to tweak it for homeschooling. I have about a tub full of yearly records. I'll have to take another look when I'm in the new house. Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

  4. I have the labels on the folders and I sorted all my daughter's old stuff that was shoved in the top of her closet. Just need to find a box I like. My daughter starts kindergarten this year and I'm excited to have it ready to go.

  5. Yay! :) I want to see pictures when you are done!

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  7. Hi Could you please tell me the brand of the file box you purchased? I can't seem to find it on Amazon but I think they're really cute and I need to start organizing my little one's school work - thanks!!